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LLOHC-Chondrika M (1).png
LLOHC-NeKecha M.png
LLOHC-Kittrane S.png
LLOHC-Gwendolyn S.png

Kittrane Sanders
 Projects Committee Chair/
Grantwriting Co-Chair

Nekecha McKoy
Grantwriting Chair/
Projects Committee Co-Chair

Chondrika McKoy
Membership Chair

Dr. Gwen McNeill-Stokes
Fundraiser Committee

LLOHC-Barbara A.png
LLOHC-Della N.png

Barbara Abney                                        Dr. Della Newkirk
Fundraiser Committee                            Member at Large

LLOHC-Darlette M.png
LLOHC-Sharon G.png

Darlette McCormick                       Sharon Gainey Fundraiser Committee/                   Projects Committee 
Nomination/Talley Committee                  

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