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Our Strategic Plan 2023-2027

I. Cultivating an Environment and Conditions that fosters greater Accountability

a) established what an "active" member of the organization looks like

b) provide each member criteria(s) of an active member

c) put criteria(s) in our bylaws

d) members will take it upon themselves to plan accordingly based on our yearly calendar

e) members will take it upon themselves to visit our website, members' page only on our website and our members only fb page to know what is going on

f) members will check their emails on regular base, so they know what is going on

II. Expanding and Sustaining our Organization as a Business and Commerce Entity

a) join organizations in the community

b) establishing a grantwriting committee

c) form a 501 (c) 3

d) undergo 2-year audit every 2 years

e) establish a business plan

f) conduct surveys

III. Establishing our Organizational Brand in the Community we Live

a) attend community events/meetings

b) maintain up to date website

c) maintain community partners

d) work with individuals and organizations in the community

e) show presence on our social media pages

f) wear our LLOHC attire in the community

g) maintain up to date marketing materials

h) community liaison/public relations committee will

be established

i) all members will be visible in the community

IV. Establishing Opportunities to Cultivate Bonding Experiences amongst Minority Women and our Community

a) establish group activity events for our members

b) establish events and activities for minority women in the community

c) focus on members hobbies and interests and put together bonding experience activities for members

d) implement a yearly weekend retreat for members

e) implement bonding experiences at each meeting

f) make friendship and sisterhood and a safe space a top priority as it relates to every part of this organization

g) conduct surveys

*Members have the complete strategic plan*

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