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Charitable Projects and/or Community Support Interest
2024 and 2025
Homelessness/Food Insecurities

​Foster Care

Entrepreneurship/Financial Literacy




Welcome to the homepage for Leading Ladies of Harnett County. We are so glad you stopped by for a visit.  It is my pleasure to be Leading Ladies of Harnett County President for 2024 and 2025. I love these amazing women, the sisterhood and bond that we share so to carry the torch from what our previous amazing President started for the next 2 years is a privilege. I also absolutely love my county and the people that are in it! This is HOME so I will wear this title with honor! Our goal for 2024 and 2025 is not to be just another organization in the community but to work with other amazing organizations in Harnett County so that we can make a true impact on the community that we love and that has helped mold us into the amazing women that we are today!  Our events and activities will be open to the public as we are working with the community so, please make sure you visit our events page or subscribe to our page for all our upcoming events!  We will also support each member of Leading Ladies of HC as we are more than an organization, we provide a safe space for our members to be themselves and to embrace each other while understanding and exhibiting the true purpose of sisterhood and friendship while having fun and making everlasting memories with each other.


To contact me, please send an email to

Pamela Y. Williams


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